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Providing technical solutions in Red Deer and throughout Central Alberta

Bulwark Technology Solutions - Helping to Integrate Your Business with Its Technology

Bulwark Technology Solutions is based out of Red Deer, Alberta and provides technical advice and services to businesses of all sizes.

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What We Do.

At Bulwark, we know that no two businesses run the same. The technology you use to form the backbone of your company has been tweaked and modified to best suit your needs, not those of your neighbor or competitor. That said, everyone has one thing in common when it comes to their various systems; when they encounter a problem or failure, it hurt or even halts your ability to work.

This where we come in.

We pride ourselves on being able to work with and support whatever type of technology you may use. Regardless of the manufacturer, model, or age - if it plugs into the wall or runs on a battery, we can help it become part of your unique solution.

How We Do It.

Problems are inevitable. As much as we'd like it to, nothing will work perfectly forever. However, there are ways for us to reduce failures within your network and ensure that when a part of it does fail, that it's back up and running with minimal disruption to you. Here's how we do it.


At Bulwark, we work proactively to stop potential problems from disrupting your ability to do business. We do this by performing regular audits of hardware, software, and network reliability so that small problems are identified and corrected before they become catastrophes.


Your business network is an ecosystem and, like any ecosystem, it requires regular maintenance to continue running unhindered. We'll develop a personalized maintenance plan for you that's tailored to your specific business needs, designed to catch and prevent problems before they manifest.


Despite our best efforts, at some point contingencies will fail and something will break. When it does, it is our top priority to bring that element of your network back online as quickly and efficiently as possible.                                                                                            

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